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Privacy Policy

The following content will be enforced starting December 1, 2019

Studio ViBLE(Here in after referred to as “Company”) complies the Personal Information Protection Regulation of the related legislation which the information and communication service provider must comply such as legislation regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, Personal Information Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act, and does its best for the protection of rights and interests of the user by determining a personal information handling policy in accordance with the related legislation. This Personal Information Handling Policy applies to all sites that can be used with the company’s ID and holds the fallowing content.

1. Items of personal information collected and the collecting method

A. Items of personal information collected

  • 1) In the initial sign up the following information is collected for identification and provision of optimized service.
    • - Essential item : ID(e-mail), Password, Name, Cellphone number(for domestic member)
    • - Optional item : Gender, Date of Birth, agreement of marketing reception.
  • 2) The following information may be collected while using the service.
    < Collected items while using the service >
    • Refund : Bank name, Account number, Account owner’s name, Copy of identification
    • Participating an event : Name, Cellphone number, e-mail
    • Counselling : Name, Cellphone number, e-mail, counselling history
  • < Items collected automatically > : IP Address, Cookie, Access History, Record of service usage.

B. Collecting method

The company collected the personal information with the following method.

  • - Homepage, application, written form, fax, phone, counselling board, e-mail, event entry, delivery request
  • - Collection through generated information collecting tool
  • - Provided by a cooperative company.

2. Collect of personal information and purpose of use

A. Fulfilling the contract regarding the service provision and payment settlement according to the service provision.

  • - Provide content, Purchase and payment, Collect payment

B. Member management

  • - Handling civil complaint and sending notifications such as personal identification, prevention of illegality use and unauthorized use of a faulty member, confirming applying intention, application limit, identification of further legal representative, record for dispute conciliation, handling dissatisfaction etc.

C. Application on marketing and advertisements

  • - Send advertising information such as development and specialization of new service(product), service provision and publication of advertisement according to the demographic characteristics, grasp the access frequency, statistics regarding the service usage of the member, event etc. (The personal information of the member is not provided to an individual or an organization that requested the advertisement.)

3. Possession of personal information and period of use

In principle, the relevant information is destroyed without hesitation once the collection and purpose of use of the personal information is achieved. Also, for those member who has does not have a service history for an year, a prior notification is sent in accordance to legislation article 29 related to the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information separately divided and saved. However, in case where it does not need to be save in accordance to the Relations Act, the company will file the member information for a determined period of time by the Relations Act as following.

A. Filed personal information upon membership withdrawal

  • 1) Filed item: Name and ID provided by the member
  • 2) Filed reason: To prevent re-sign up of a faulty user, dispute violation of right such as defamation and cooperate in an investigation
  • 3) Filed period: withdraw 1 year

  • 1) Filed period
    • - Records regarding the contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years (legislation related to customer protection from e-commerce)
    • - Records regarding supply of payment and goods: 5 years (legislation related to customer protection from e-commerce)
    • - Records regarding the customer dissatisfaction or settlement of disputes: 3 years (legislation related to customer protection from e-commerce)
    • - Records regarding e-commerce: 5 years (Electronic Financial Transaction Act)
    • - Records regarding displays and advertisement: 6 months (legislation related to customer protection from e-commerce)

C. Records of website access

  • 1) Filed item: Records of website access
  • 2) Filed reasons: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
  • 3) Filed period: 3 months

4. Destroying procedure of the personal information and method

In principle, the personal information of the member is destroyed without hesitation once the collection and use purpose of personal information is achieved.
The procedure and the method of destroying the personal information is as following.

A. Destroying procedure

  • 1) The information user fills in for sign up is transferred to a separate DB(filing cabinet in case of paper) after the purpose is achieved then after a certain period of time it is destroyed in accordance to the information protection reasons(refer to possession and use period) by the internal regulation and other related legislation.
  • 2) Personal information is not used for any other purposes than being filed unless it is the case of the legislation.

B. Destroying method

  • - Any personal information printed on a paper is either shredded with a shredder or destroyed through incineration.
  • - Any personal information saved in an electronic file form will be deleted using a technical method where the records cannot be restored.

5. Provision of personal information to a third party and share

The company uses the personal information of the member within the range noticed in the item of ‘Items of personal information collected and the collecting method’, ‘Collect of personal information and purpose of use’ and does not provide it to other person or company, organization that uses or exceed the equivalent range.
However, the following specifications are an exception.

  • - In case the member has agreed in advance personal information provider, personal information provision purpose, the items and possess period of the providing personal information is informed separately and passes an agreement procedure, and if the user does not agree to this, the personal information of the member is not provided to a third party.
  • - In case it is in accordance with regulation of the Relations Act, in case a investigative agency requests upon the procedure and method determined by the Relations Act for the investigation purpose.
  • - In case a personal information of the member needs a transferring due to the positive reasoning occurrence of the business, the company will inform in advance regarding the fact of transferring the personal information by the procedure and method determined by the Relations Act such as the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, and the member provides a right to withdrawal of the agreement regarding the transfer.

6. Handing consignment of the personal information.

In order to carrying out an amicable job such as providing with a better service, convenience to the customer etc. the company sun the personal information handing job with a consignment with an outside specialized company. In this time, the company provides the minimal necessary information to the relevant company to carry out the job, and defines the needed specification on the personal information consignment written agreement so the personal information can be safety managed, and this is managed/supervised.

The current personal consignment facilities and consignment job of the company is as following.

Consignment Company Consignment job content Possession of personal information and period of use
Biz Ppurio Corp.
Biz Ppurio Corp.
KCP Corp. Eximbay, Korea Financial Telecommunication and Clearing Institute
Server hosting CDN job / AWS cloud
SMS/MMS(text message), Kakao inform talk/ Plus friend
Payment(Cellphone, Deposit without bankbook, Account transfer, Credit card, other payment method, Confirm refund account)

7. Right of user and legal representative and exercising the right

  • A) The user can refer or change their own personal information and request to cancel the sign up. In order to refer, change the personal information access the change member information from the site, and in order to cancel the sign up, click the member withdrawal on the site. Also, if you contact the personal information manager through written documentary, call or an e-mail it will be handled promptly.
  • B) In case you have asked for a modification regarding the error on personal information, the proper personal information cannot be used or be provided until the modification is complete. Also in case the wrong personal information is already been provided to a third party, the modification handling result will be notified to the third party promptly to have the modification take place.
  • C) Any withdrawal or deleted personal information upon the request of a member will be handled by the company in accordance to clause mentioned in the possession of the personal information collected and period of use, and is handled so it cannot be read or used for other purposes.

8. The installation/management of auto collecting device of personal information and specification related to its refusal.

In order to provide a personalized, customized service the company saves the user information and uses the ‘cookie’ frequently imported. A ‘cookie’ is a very small text file that is sent to the user’s browser by the server used to manage the website saved in the user’s disk.

A.The company’s purpose of using the cookie

In order to provide target marketing and customized service by analysis of access frequency or time of each service and site the users visit, tracing trails and grasping preference and interest field of a user, all sorts of even participating rate and grasping visiting numbers.

B. The company’s purpose of using the cookie.

Use in order to provide customized information including advertisements to the users by grasping the visit and using pattern, popular search word, security accessing, news editing, user size of each service and web site the users visit.

C. Installation/management and refusal of cookie.

The user has the right of choice regarding the installation of the cookie. Therefore the use can allow all cookie by setting the web browser option, or confirm each time a cookie is saved or can refuse saving of all cookie. However, if the saving of the cookie is refused, it may be hard to access certain service that needs a login. The method for assigning the permission of installing cookie is as following. (In case of Internet Explorer)

  • ① Select [Internet Option] from the [Tool] menu.
  • ② Click [Personal Information Tab].
  • ③ Set the [Personal Information Handling Level].

9. Technological/administrative protection countermeasure of personal information.

The company looks for technological/administrative countermeasure in order to secure the safety such as loss, theft, leak, falsification or violation in handling the personal information of the member.

A. Technological countermeasure

  • ① Encrypted password
    The password is saved and managed in encryption therefore only the member themselves knows it, confirming and changing the personal information only can be done by one self who knows the password.
  • ② Operates Vaccine program
    All computers at the company operates vaccine program and proceeds continuous update.
  • ③ Form firewall
    The personal information of a member is filled in a safe place (device) with firewall.
  • ④ Proceeds network communication through encrypted algorithm. (SSL)
  • ⑤ Proceeds continuous security enhancement through analyzing internal/external weak points and taking action.

B. Administrative countermeasure

  • ① Minimizing the handling employee and education
    The company limits the handling employee of the personal information relations to the manager, and there is a separate system for it.
    Also, emphasize to follow the personal information handling policy through periodical/frequent education to the manager.
  • ② Operate protection area
    The place where the personal information is filled is operated as a protected area and the access is controlled.
  • ③ Operate organization exclusive for protection of personal information
    The company does its best to modify and fix immediately when a problem is found by confirming the manager’s compliance and fulfilled requirements of the personal information handling policy through the organization exclusive for protection of personal information. However, the company does not take responsibility of loss not resulted by the company’s imputation such as accidents from an area not managed by the company or carelessness of the member. The company will inform the truth and provide proper countermeasure and rewards to the member in case a loss, leak, falsification, violation of a personal information due to technical management accident or a mistake of an internal manger.

10. Personal information manager and civil application service

가. Civil application service regarding personal information.

The company assigns a related department and a personal information manager to protect the customer’s personal information and handle the dissatisfaction related to personal information as following.

[Person in charge of Personal Information]

  • Name: Lee Kyunghoo
  • Affiliated to: Business strategy department
  • Position: Head of department
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: +82) 2-6352-1390
  • Fax Number: +82) 2-794-1391

[Personal Information Manager]

  • Name: Lee Kyunghoo
  • Affiliated to: Business strategy department
  • Position: Head of department
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: +82) 2-6352-1390
  • Fax Number: +82) 2-794-1391

[Customer Service Department]

  • ViBLE CS team: +82) 2-6352-1390 /

The company will get back to you fast with sincere reply regarding the reporting subject of the user.
If consulting or report is needed regarding other infringement of personal information, please contact the following facilities.

  • Infringement of personal information center ( / with no telephone exchange number 118)
  • Supreme prosecutors’ office cyber-investigation department ( / with no telephone exchange number 1301)
  • National police agency cyber security agency ( / with no telephone exchange number 182)

11. Other

This personal information handling policy does not apply to actions of other websites linked to the company site collecting personal information.

12. Duty to notify

This personal information handling policy was established on December 1, 2019, and in case of addition, deletion, modification of the content according to the legislation/polity or change of security technology, the reasons for change and content etc. will be announced through the Studio ViBLE Corp. internet site at least 7 days before proceeding the modified personal information handling policy.

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