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The moment you meet with experience, knowledge, insight and courage of the Master’s nobody taught, your dream is at ViBLE.

We are living in a time of sudden change where we cannot anticipate tomorrow nor the future.
The knowledge and guidance from the past is difficult to solve the present nor answer the future.

People look for new knowledge and technique from the internet not from the school.
We are wandering between numerous documents and lectures.
There are a lot of smart experts, talented people armed with desk knowledge, up-coming personage that boasts their success but it is hard to actually meet a trustworthy teacher and knowledge.

Success without failure, knowledge without experience easily knees down in front of new dilemma and problem.
Insight deepen through failure and wisdom refined by experience opens the future.
People want to meet it. Want to learn it.
Want to achieve their dream through real knowledge and insight.

We have been meeting personage with all deep insight, experience and wisdom.
The fields were diverse but they had something in common.
They all live in a future a step ahead and achieved success by conquering their failure.
Not the theoretical knowledge received from the book, but the knowledge and insight achieved by life and experience.

Now is the “seeing image” age where seeing as much as you know, and knowing as much as you see touch’s one’s heart than any other time.
We wish to learn the knowledge, Philosophy, idea, know-how, and insight through the video of the personages across the border.
We wish to cheer for your future through the stories of the Masters from each field you cannot meet from anywhere else.
Also, we wish record the formless value that can disappear into a video to pass it on to the next generation.

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