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Lee Sanghyeok


Kim Eana

Lyrics Class

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  • Chong Hyon-jong

    In Search of Poetry

    As evidenced by poems such as <That Every Moment Is a Flower Bud>, <Island>, <A Visitor>, etc. Chong Hyon-jong emphasizes the need to present well-fermented poetry to the world, rather than poems that are uttered on the spur of the moment.
  • Jang Yoon Ju

    All about Fashion Model

    Despite being a muse that many designers admire, being an all-rounder who can express everything from sports brands to high fashion, being a "textbook" for walking, Jang Yoon Ju has proven that models are ‘actively expressive artists.’ by expressing her passion not just through fashion but through music, entertainment, and even movies.
  • Lee Sanghyeok

    Be FAKER

    Nicknamed 'God of LoL,' otherwise best known as "Faker," is a professional gamer for the computer game "League of Legends." He shares his know-how to winning the games.
  • Kim Sun Young

    How to Get Leads in Musicals

    Winner of the New Outstanding Actress Award at The Korea Musical for her role as Mabel in her stage debut musical <Fame>, Kim Sun Young has solidified her position as the "Queen of Musicals."
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